At XRC, volunteering isn’t what we want from you, it’s what we want for you. Serving is about owning XRC and being part of the family. It’s not what you have to do, but what you get to do. It’s simple. If you have an interest, you can count on us to help you find your ideal XRC Team. Our Sunday morning teams are called “i AM” Teams. Below, you can read about the variety of serving teams. When you are ready to sign up, email our Production Director Alexis Kelly at



It begins in the parking lot. The XRC Parking Team is an excited, friendly and smiling group of people who are the first face of XRC. This XRC Team, literally, makes the first impression on every guest. Volunteering on this team isn’t about putting cars into parking spaces, but about creating a friendly environment where people feel genuinely welcomed.


This XRC Team actively demonstrates God’s love with every smile and hello. Conversations are short, but the potential to make a lasting impression is immeasurable. Do you have a cheerful smile and enjoy welcoming people? Greeters are energetic, talkative, and friendly. People who are relaxed are more likely to respond to the sermon.


Creating a worship experience that is distraction-free and focused on the gospel is an essential element of every Sunday morning. XRC Hosts are responsible for welcoming guests to the worship experience, helping them find a seat, and minimizing distractions so that worshipers are relaxed and ready to focus all their attention on the sermon.


We go above and beyond welcoming visitors to our church as our VIPs. The Connection Team goes to extraordinary lengths to ensure our guests are honored and know exactly where the sanctuary, children’s check-in, and restrooms are located. Are you the kind of person who seems to never meet a stranger? Do you enjoy going out of your way to ensure that guests feel welcomed? This XRC Team is for you.


This group of committed volunteers is a well-organized and outgoing team that are servants at heart. They serve our guests by providing hot and cold drinks, and always have smiling faces to greet individuals who walk through the door.


XRC Kids is the family ministry of our church. We get kids excited about Jesus and help them build their faith by using Bible stories, songs, group activities, and curriculums designed for kids from birth through 5th grade.

If you are passionate about seeing future generations raised to life in Christ, then XRC Kids is just the place for you! Roles range from behind-the-scenes opportunities to interacting directly with children and teaching them about Jesus. Please email our Kids Director, Brittany Johnson, at for all the details about serving in our Kids Ministry.


If you like the thought of having hands-on responsibilities, media is what you’re looking for. XRC Media Team members help create an atmosphere where people can experience the presence of God. The team operates cameras, lights, screens, and sound to support the Gospel being presented on stage. No experience is necessary. Please email Production Director Alexis Kelly at to get information on this team.


We believe that worship opens our hearts to see the evidence of God’s presence all around us. Worship lets us celebrate God’s faithfulness and show our gratitude for His work in our lives. If you can play an instrument or sing well and are interested in joining the worship team, please contact Josh Anderson ( for more information.


ERT serves our church by acting as first responders in the event of a medical or safety emergency. If you have training or experience in emergency situations, we would love for you to join this team.


Prayer is a vital component to the life of a church. For those that feel called to make a difference through prayer, our prayer team prays with you during Sunday morning services and for you and XRC throughout the week.