Pastor, Clayton, NC

Our pastors teach, counsel, and help others.

What does it mean to be a pastor? For many Christians, a pastor is the person who stands at the pulpit on Sunday mornings and delivers a message. Later, those in the congregation will ponder this message the rest of the day and try to apply its principles and teachings throughout their week.

Pastor in Clayton, North Carolina

For other Christians, their pastor is a counselor. They turn to their pastor when they are hurting, need help, or need a guiding hand to help them grow closer to God and put their lives back in shape.

We strive to help you draw closer to God

Some also view their pastor as someone who directs the vision of their church. Ultimately, most people view their pastor as someone who works diligently to minister to their congregation in whatever way possible.

At XRC, our pastors are a group of people working together to lead people from all walks of life to walk in Christ. Our pastors play an important role at our church and take on many responsibilities, such as visiting with people who are in need, counseling with those who are hurting, and finding ways to improve the direction and future of the church.

Join us to hear our pastors deliver a message of hope and inspiration on Sunday mornings at our church in Clayton, North Carolina. In addition to attending our Sunday morning service, we encourage you to join one of our smaller groups or visit our café before the meeting to connect with others in our congregation.


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